Insanity have gone through a quick rise to an internationally known Hardcore and Metal band. They have released three studio albums, several music videos, played shows all over the world with legends like Hatebreed, Madball, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid and headlined tours in Europe, Cuba, The Balkans, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The band from Lucerne, Switzerland was formed in 2004, collected their first live experiences and quickly became a local success. The five guys and their musical style developed continuously until 2012, when they first played outside of Switzerland and started to have their name spread in an ever-increasing area.

2013 marked the year of Insanity‘s first professional studio album called “No Limit”, as well as the music video to the title track, which gained fans all over the world. Further success came almost flawlessly: international concerts with some of the biggest bands in the scene, a 2-week tour in Cuba, as well as two music videos lifted the band to the next level. But Insanity did not rest on this. They released their second record “Ready To Row” in 2014, played many shows all over Europe and produced more music videos. After a headliner tour in South Korea and Japan, the band released their third album “Toss A Coin” via the German label “Bastardized Recordings”. Together with a bunch of new videos, the band went through yet another rise, played a lot of concerts and tours, and has now almost 250 concerts on their backs. They regularly play festivals in summer, including events as big as Germany’s “Summer Breeze Festival”.

Insanity are very present in the international Hardcore- and Metal-scene, the music of the band is heard all over the world, proven by 15’000 monthly listeners on Spotify and videos with more than 130’000 views. That has a lot to do with their rousing live concerts and a massive presence in Europa, Asia and America.

At the end 0f 2019, the album Moneyfest opened the next chapter in Insanity‘s history. Heavier, yet more melodic, angrier, yet with a bit more irony and wit. Following tours and concerts, for example in Mexico, have all been cancelled or postponed. 2021 will be heavy again. Tours in Mexico and Ukraine are booked, others shall follow. Meanwhile, you can be a part of the Insanity family digitally. Follow us on spotify!