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Thank you Aarau! Thank you KIFF, thank you Kasparov, thank you Agnostic Front thank you Metalmayhem. That was awesome!
Next stop tomorrow at ISC Club Bern with MADBALL
Ausverkauft - Madball (US)
Pictures by AnshixArts
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Nächsten Dienstag geht's rund!! Wir spielen mit Agnostic Front zu deren 35. Geburtstags-Jubiläum im KIFF Aarau! Das wird gross! Mit dabei ausserdem die Jungs von Kasparov!
Event: Agnostic Front, InsaAgnostic Frontv
EN: We play with AgnostiKIFFont on their anniversary tour at KIFF AaraMetalmayhemid,Bastardized Recordings
MeWe Are Vm |Akkerqueen - crazy stoff| WMacbeth Switzerlandn -Reezon Distribution Companyzerland | Reezon Distribution Company
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For years we have been supported by Akkerqueen - crazy stoff with top shirts. Also on the last tour we have benefited and have shown the world the new designs! Take a look! ... See MoreSee Less

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WOW!!! Thank you so much for this many crazy people coming out to Fri-Son on a regular Thursday!!
We had a blast, we owe you lots, we love you all <3
Shoutouts to Unexisting Structures, Peace Is Just A Break and Oh My F*cking God!!!

We Are V | Musik Niederberger | Bastardized Recordings | Akkerqueen - crazy stoff | Macbeth Switzerland
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